Replacement Parts

US Autoclave maintains an inventory of commonly used replacement parts that are available to ship the same day. The parts shown are only a sample of our replacement parts. Contact a US Autoclave representative to help you locate those “hard to find” items.

Steam Hoses
*Specify length & diameter*
Chamber Hoses
Sold individually and as a set.
*specify length*
EPDM & Silicone Gaskets Available
Product #81004
Dow 111 Door Gasket Lube
Product #79383
Chemplex Silicone Lube 710
Product #77033
Osborn Dry Lube
Product #81003
Tri-Flow Lube
Product #72011
Coupler/Elbow/High Temp O-rings
Product #79265
Product #72013
High Temp O-Ring Kit
- 25 inner/25 outer
Product #72267
Partlow Chart
*other charts available*
Product #72268
Partlow Green Pens
Package of 5
Product #72269
Partlow Red Pens
Package of 5
Heat Elements, Gaskets & Element Lug
*Specify voltage & wattage"
Old - 72264
New - 72264NEW
Garter Spring and Stems
HD Garter Spring - 77016
Stem - 77055
Locking Stem - 77056
Brass Locking Stem - 77010
Liquid Filled Guages
Variety of sizes and variations available
Product #72240
4" Stem Thermometer
Relief Valve
*Specify PSI, inlet and outlet*
Product #72156
1-1/2" Muffler
Marwin Air Acutated Ball Valve
Specify size
ASCI Solendoid Valve
Specify size
Brass Manifold Ball Valves
Available is a range of sizes and variations.
Product #72116
FLR - Filter/Lubricator/Regulator
Filter & Regulator
Specify size
Product #77007
Expandable Hub O-Ring Kit
Product #770CahillGuid
Cahill Tread Guide Blocks
Product #77104
Cedco Knife Blade
Tire Feed Block & Threaded Shaft
Product #72040
Completer Fan Drive Assembly
Product #72121
Internal Fan Motor
Fan Drive Belts
Specify size and application
Product #71870
18" Steel Wheel Fan
Product #71869
18" Depth Cone
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Product #81004

Dow 111 Door Gasket Lube