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About Us

With over 25 years of autoclave experience, we provide our customers with autoclave systems that have been designed to suit their specific needs along with the technical support and parts needed to minimize if not negate downtime. US Autoclave has manufactured autoclaves for many industries such as; tire retreading, rubber vulcanizing, oil well technology, composites, aerospace and defense. In regards to aerospace and defense, US Autoclave meets the recommended standards of the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP).



Once the autoclave is completed, US Autoclave will assist in shipping, initial startup, and personnel training. After the autoclave is delivered and the necessary electrical, air, or steam connections are in place, a US Autoclave representative will visit your facility to perform the initial startup, set operating profiles and train your personnel.

US Autoclave recognizes the importance of customer support services such as; processing and floor cart systems, initial startup and training of personnel, service, and replacement parts.


Processing and floor cart systems can be designed to suit each customer’s specific needs. A US Autoclave representative will work closely with each customer to gain the information necessary to present a cart system which will be efficient in the customer’s facility and also maximize the processing capabilities





US Autoclave’s service department is strongly recognized in the autoclave industry. US Autoclave service technicians are available on short notice to visit your facility or provide technical support via phone or email. Frequently a US Autoclave service technician is on the telephone assisting a customer on minor repairs or programming. However, we are also prepared to travel great distance for needed service. The US Autoclave service department has visited many sites in the United States and Canada. However, international locations such as Dubai, Columbia, Indonesia, and Mexico have been service locations for US Autoclave.


US Autoclave maintains an inventory of routine replacement parts and usually is available for same day shipment. Additionally, US Autoclave has been a reliable source for fan drive rebuilds, door gaskets, hose sets, and retread accessories.



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